vta_glow_48x48I just published my first Android application to the Android Market: NextVTA. Very simple app that allows to you select a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority bus or light rail route and then with one click see the next scheduled bus or train for the selected time point. It can also be used as a browser for all VTA schedules. The app requires no network access; all schedules are bundled in the application.

It doesn’t do any location-based searching. That would be nice, but I suppose I’d have to get access to the latitude and longitude of all VTA time points. I don’t see that happening.

I may enhance it a little in the future, to be able to search for routes, and to move the selection of route direction (northbound, eastbound, etc,) and period (weekdays, saturdays, etc.) from the route list to the route view, to shorten the list of routes and make it easier to scroll through to find what want.

Nothing more than a learning exercise.


3 Responses to NextVTA

  1. Sandeep Soni says:

    Very nice application Jeff. Good idea.

  2. Drew says:

    Where did it disapear to? If you don’t wish to maintain it please open source it so others can. This app is a public service for many people. Let others work on it if you can’t.

  3. Drew says:

    I researched it further and to his huge credit it looks like JB did open source the app and it is at

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