CSDroid – Clear Sky Droid Android Application

Over the past few weeks I’ve been updating my latest Android application, CSDroid (Clear Sky Droid). This is targeted at a very narrow interest group: amateur astronomers.screen-1

The site cleardarksky.com has been a godsend for astronomers since it’s inception. It produces easy to read “sky charts” that describe astronomical viewing conditions for various locations around the US and Canada. Cleardarksky.com uses the Canadian Meteorological Society’s data to produce these charts.

CSDroid is essentially a front-end for cleardarksky.com, for the Android platform. The main purpose is to view up to date sky charts, but it makes this easy by showing the closest charts to your current location, providing a search interface, mapping chart locations, and allow you to manage a list of favorite charts for quick viewing.

Thanks to Atilla Danko of cleardarksky.com for allowing me to use his data sets. All data and images for this app are provided by and used with permission from cleardarksky.com.

One Response to CSDroid – Clear Sky Droid Android Application

  1. Greg says:

    I have a Clear Sky Chart for my observatory. I got a Droid about 3 months ago (Samsung Galaxy) & love it. I was looking for astronomy apps on the Marketplace & ran across yours.

    I downloaded & installed the free version to see what it is like. I tried to do a Search for FurtmanFarm Observatory (my place) but the keyboard would not appear. Hard to type in something without a keyboard.

    Has anyone else had this problem or am I the chosen one?



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