BANNED – Nexus 6 Stock Check App


In my quest for a Nexus 6, I wrote a small app to pound Google’s product pages waiting for it to come in stock. Not surprisingly Google found it a “SPAM violation” (fair enough) and removed it from the Play store. There are other stock check apps on the store today that aren’t flagged, so I’m not quite sure how mine is worse. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand why they pulled it.

Anyway, I think the app is fun so here it is¬†on Github. The source is there of course if you are interested / worried about what it’s doing. Like I mentioned, there are other such apps on the Play Store, but this one is ad-free, and works quite cleanly with little system overhead (and battery drain).

If Google had pre-order (hello?) then there’d be no need for apps like this. It’s the difference between an orderly line and a mob. I don’t understand their reasoning. Perhaps they want to encourage people to visit and re-visit their site looking for the product.