Android Log Message Truncation


Frustrated by Android’s inability to log messages over 4k? In my case, I had some heft SOAP messages that were getting cut off. The simple solution is to use System.out.println(), but that always logs at the info level. Here’s something neater,

    void v(String msg) {
      println(Log.VERBOSE, msg);

    void d(String msg) { ... }
    void i(String msg) { ... }
    void w(String msg) { ... }
    void e(String msg) { ... }

    private int println(int priority, String msg) {
        int l = msg.length();
        int c = Log.println(priority, TAG, msg);
        if (c < l) {
            return c + println(priority, TAG, msg.substring(c+1));
        } else {
            return c;

In short, take advantage of the fact that the low-level Log.println() call returns the number of bytes written. Use that fact to recursively call ourselves until we log all of the message.