3D Model Viewer for Android


I just published a new application on the Android Market. It’s called ModelView and is a 3D model viewer. You can download it onto 1.6+ devices. It supports loading of standard .OFF and .OBJ format files, allows rotation and zoom (via multi-touch, on 2.0+ devices), and comes packaged with many interesting 3D models. You can also view your own .OBJ / .OFF files by placing them on the SD card.

This started out as a sample OpenGL project, with me learning how to define simple 3D objects with vertices and triangles. From there I started to think about how I could define the model’s data some other way than statically in the code. Then I started looking for standard ways to do that. Then getting lazy and wanting to take advantage of models defined by others.  I ended up learning quite a bit about OpenGL and 3D graphics. Now it’s time to get a book and put it all in it’s place. The app is really just a learning exercise and serves no real purposes, but it’s fun to play with so I posted on the market so other people can take a look. The code is available on Google code, and hopefully someone else can learn from this.