As many people have noted, my Android application alogcat does not work correctly on Jellybean devices. The reason is that applications can no longer read log entries created by other applications. They can still read log entries created by themselves, but obviously that doesn’t help alogcat.

The logic makes sense I suppose. A poorly written application may log sensitive information. Allowing other applications to read this is a bad thing.

For alogcat, there is a workaround. You must explicitly grant alogcat the READ_LOGS permission from the command line. From the Android shell,

shell@android:/ $ pm grant org.jtb.alogcat android.permission.READ_LOGS    

Or if you have ADB installed, from your computer’s terminal with your device connected,

$ adb shell pm grant org.jtb.alogcat android.permission.READ_LOGS    

This of course requires that you install an Android terminal emulator, or have ADB installed on your computer. Android Terminal Emulator is a good choice for an Android terminal. The Android SDK, which includes ADB can be downloaded here.