3D Model Viewer for Android


I just published a new application on the Android Market. It’s called ModelView and is a 3D model viewer. You can download it onto 1.6+ devices. It supports loading of standard .OFF and .OBJ format files, allows rotation and zoom (via multi-touch, on 2.0+ devices), and comes packaged with many interesting 3D models. You can also view your own .OBJ / .OFF files by placing them on the SD card.

This started out as a sample OpenGL project, with me learning how to define simple 3D objects with vertices and triangles. From there I started to think about how I could define the model’s data some other way than statically in the code. Then I started looking for standard ways to do that. Then getting lazy and wanting to take advantage of models defined by others.  I ended up learning quite a bit about OpenGL and 3D graphics. Now it’s time to get a book and put it all in it’s place. The app is really just a learning exercise and serves no real purposes, but it’s fun to play with so I posted on the market so other people can take a look. The code is available on Google code, and hopefully someone else can learn from this.

aLogcat – Android Logcat Application


aLogcat market barcode

There are several “log view” applications on the market. All of them provide a means to send your log file contents, typically via email. This is one good approach, but it doesn’t handle the use case where you don’t have immediate access to a PC email client to view the results. aLogcat is an Android application that allows you to view your Android device log from the device itself. It provides a scrolling, color-coded log that is filterable by keyword and log level. It also supports output in various log formats. aLogcat also covers the send log use case by allowing a snapshot of the log to be sent off to another device.

This is mainly an app for developers, but it is also useful for power users that are willing to get involved with developers to help them find problems in their applications. Most Android developers are small scale hobbyists and can’t devote full-time effort and money to rigorous testing across multiple devices. I hope this app lowers the barrier for involvement of the average user in the development cycle.